What do you think the difference is between Satanists and everyone else?

Everyone else hates each other, especially those who aren't in communities. Everyone else believes or at least acts like they're their own god. Everyone else is a loner. Everyone else strives for perfection.

To me the reason why Satanism is important and new is:

-We don't believe in the golden rule.

-We don't believe in forgiveness. Another blatant difference.

-We're selfish. We're not people pleasers.

-We're misanthropes for the most part but misanthropes don't have lives and we do.

Another one for me as a Satanist is that I don't believe in being assertive. Assertiveness is the worst of both worlds. You're responding so you care what the person thinks and you're being mature which shit disturbers love. I choose the silent treatment because it's worse than being aggressive according to psychology. Besides there is always someone more aggressive than you and it turns into a never ending war. But I can be as silent as a mouse. And if it's not war like that's fine, that's peace.

There are many other differences to me like no race obsession, no body image issues, new fangled feminism, etc.
"I, even I, am my own redeemer". -Ragnar Redbeard

"Making a difference makes sense only if you are convinced that you have mastered the subject at hand to the point where any difference you might make would be for the better." -Thomas Sowell