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To me the reason why Satanism is important and new is:

-We don't believe in the golden rule.

-We don't believe in forgiveness. Another blatant difference.

-We're selfish. We're not people pleasers.

-We're misanthropes for the most part but misanthropes don't have lives and we do.

Another one for me as a Satanist is that I don't believe in being assertive. Assertiveness is the worst of both worlds. You're responding so you care what the person thinks and you're being mature which shit disturbers love. I choose the silent treatment because it's worse than being aggressive according to psychology. Besides there is always someone more aggressive than you and it turns into a never ending war. But I can be as silent as a mouse. And if it's not war like that's fine, that's peace.

There are many other differences to me like no race obsession, no body image issues, new fangled feminism, etc.

I don't think Satanism is new, it is just better defined. The Christian Golden Rule is not smart, because that is not the way the world works, which is why someone would say 'Do unto others, as they do unto you'. In other words people get what they deserve, not some ideal notion of being good to people who are not good to you.

Forgiveness, I think is given to those who deserve it, but not just given. Which kind of follows that idea in the prior paragraph. Everyone is selfish, I think a Satanist is more open to embracing that.

As far as misanthrope, that depends, I think as far as for me, I don't hate all mankind. I can't speak for everyone else, but I think I would rather see a society prosper than fail. I am not sure I hate mankind. I just love myself.

Being assertive is not something that is bad, it is necessary at times, and often portrays strength to other people. People are scared of stronger people, and attracted to them. Being assertive can take many forms though. Verbally, sexually, physically, which can lead to higher charisma. Charisma not because you are trying to be someone other people like or fear, but because being beautiful, or scary or whatever image you are portraying gives you power over your surroundings.

For body image, I personally think there is something to be said for this. You must see yourself as basically great, but becoming the best you can is more ideal. Not saying everyone must be super model chic, but you must be able to be able to use your outer image to influence others. You must try and be healthy, if you want to live longer, but if you are fine with yourself, it's up to you.

I am not sure if everything I am saying is coming out right. I hope you can see some of the differences. You should probably read some more, because I think you are getting some things confused. Not trying to say I am an expert, but some things are stated to me quite clearly, that I think you have missed.