I concur with the previous replies of Zaftig and Avery. Your view of what Satanism is or what a Satanist should "believe" is inaccurate.

I too believe in "the golden rule;" I will treat another as I would like to be treated until I am transgressed against at which point I will retaliate with prejudice. Afterwards, I won't waste my niceties on those who do not deserve them.

I may choose to forgive someone who is close to me for hurting me, but I won't forget. I'm not giving it up to "god," I'm exercising will and choosing to take the power away from it until it rears itself again. I am not a forgiving person, but that does not mean I never do it or am incapable.

I am selfish in principle, but that does not mean I have no concern for others or their well being.

Your assessment of what assertiveness means is pretty laughable and demonstrates a limited understanding of interpersonal relations and psychology. You are kidding yourself if you make the assumption that your giving the "silent treatment" is somehow "worse" or more bothersome to others than aggression. Being silent does not give off the air of being a "secret serial killer," or a "bad ass," but rather that of a victim.
Mein Leben, Meine Chance