We don't believe in the golden rule.

I do, but then again I expect consequence for my indiscretions.
So this doesn't mean I love my enemies. I expect that if I'm an asshole that I'm going to be treated like one.

We don't believe in forgiveness. Another blatant difference.

Forgiveness is a pretty vital human capability.

We're selfish. We're not people pleasers.

You can't speak on behalf of my lady friends.

We're misanthropes for the most part but misanthropes don't have lives and we do.

I speculate that your ideal when it comes to misanthropy is probably very different from mine.

no race obsession

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"My dear Insurgent you're an extremist, intolerant and you have prejudices. That's all."

"I am a fucking Satanist and desire in all of my being to be the Queen of the World if at all possible...."