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What do you think the difference is between Satanists and everyone else?

Everyone else hates each other, especially those who aren't in communities. Everyone else believes or at least acts like they're their own god. Everyone else is a loner. Everyone else strives for perfection.

I don't think that's necessarily true.

Yes, humans do tend to be tribalistic, to varying degrees.
But, this includes Satanists, too.

Even when people are secretly or subconsciously autodeistic, very few are actually willing to cop to it, and most are still entirely too willing to reflexively and unthinkingly submit to Something Larger Than Themselves.

And, most people are certainly not loners. Most people are extroverts. Introverts are the exception, not the rule, and loners, even more so.

And, like others here, I do practice the Golden Rule--or rather, a variation on it. (Hell, life sometimes demands that I play nice with people I can't even stand!)

I don't easily forget sleights, but I do often forgive them, because I choose to put my most important and most cherished relationships before any desire I might have to "keep score."

Many Satanists are indeed misanthropes, but not all--and, just because we tend to be misanthropic, for that matter, doesn't mean we universally loathe all people, of course.

Well, and I completely disagree with you on the matter of Assertiveness. True assertiveness is often difficult to cultivate, but it's consistently the best and most powerful way of navigating relationships, in my experience. Aggression is reactive, often puerile in spirit, and often gets one in trouble. Being passive means you get run over a lot. Passive-aggression is the M.O. of bitchy teen girls who can't work up the courage to confront each other.

Naturally, there are times when it makes sense to be aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive, but as global styles, they don't usually work very well for very long.

Really, I think the key ingredient of Satanism is brutal self-honesty, which includes honest acceptance of and focus on one's true values and priorities.
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