StabAvery and Zaftig have already pointed out the major flaws of your reasoning, so I'll only bring up some of the others either not addressed, or that some added perspective might be helpful.

"We don't believe in forgiveness. Another blatant difference."

I think if someone knows a Satanist and observes them for a while, it would be blatant that we are very much willing to forgive. The difference between us and "white lighters" of the herd is that our forgiveness is only given if it has been earned by whomever did us wrong. What isn't part of our behavior is unconditional forgiveness. This stems from our distaste for unconditional love. We live a life of love given to the deserving and not wasted on ingrates. This is so clearly laid out in The Satanic Bible's portion on Love and Hate that I'm without clue as to why you would say we don't forgive.

"We're selfish. We're not people pleasers."

Aren't you trying to show why we're different??? If anything, this might be one characteristic that we share with everyone else, as the majority of people out there are selfish too. Where a Satanist would differ, though, is that we aren't delusional about our selfishness. We recognize that we are on this earth to please ourselves, avoid misery, and create for ourselves the most enjoyable life within our power. For that reason, though, we do please people, but again, only those who deserve it, and only those who in pleasing will enhance our own lives. It is often referred to as "rational hedonism". The herd, though, in their selfish ways, often won't fess up to being selfish. The average person who donates to this or that charity doesn't recognize that they are doing it primarily so that they can feel good about themselves and wear the Good Guy Badge. If we donate to charity, it is because we truly wish for that cause to have support.

"We're misanthropes for the most part but misanthropes don't have lives and we do." wouldn't that mean we aren't misanthropes and don't fit that definition?

You also mentioned, Everyone else believes or at least acts like they're their own god."

No, they absolutely do not. And I think this also might be one of the most important ingredients to answer your original question of how Satanists differ from the rest. You aren't going to find just one characteristic that Satanists have that the rest do not that makes us Satanists. As already pointed out to you, the closest you'll come is that we adhere to the Nine Satanic Statements. But, I think the most striking difference is right here. We recognize that we are our own gods. From this stems much of the rest of Satanic philosophy, including love to only the deserving, rational indulgence, and vengence for those who've wronged us, etc.

The herd, though they often act selfish, do not act as their own gods.

1) The majority of people in the world would state that they are believers in a major world religion. This is mainly due to being born into a family already practicing one. Many who aren't born into one seek one out. Both of these facts are due to humans naturally seeking a higher power, and therefore, rules and laws to run their lives by. (I think that if the concept of a higher power didn't offer rules and codes, honestly, most of the herd wouldn't seek one out in the first place!) The crave someone else, even an imaginary concept, to tell them what to do. Satanists do not.

2) The majority of the herd act in masochistic ways. In their world religions, they deny themselves many indulgences (sex, food, wealth, etc.). Much of the herd also doesn't take care of themselves health wise. When they do indulge (and later feel guilt for doing so, which as masochists, they secretely love) they over indulge, often to the point of risking health, or at least demoting it. This is NOT how a god treats him/herself. A god takes care of him/herself out of pride, and does not irrationally deny that which would please him/her.
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
-Carl Sagan