Two recent material indulgences of mine include my first living room furniture set purchase and my Orb Audio sound system.

While I've been "out on my own" since I joined the military in late 1998, I had lived in a furnished barracks until about 2006, only to move into an apartment chock full of hand-me-down furniture until getting divorced and moving this October past.

It was not until this past May that I finally got sick of having only a single pleather chair and table for a living room furnishings, and I decided to finance some actual furniture. Finance charges be damned. Come this October, my obligation to pay alimony runs out, and then it's as good as paid off anyway, so I don't feel too bad about financing it.

My sound system was my real treat, however. I've always wanted an "audiophile" grade sound system, and now--while it's "entry level" quality--I finally have one. Even better, I have awesome neighbors that do not mind me turning it up. smile

I was about to also finally purchase a Garmin GPS. In the past, I've always planned out my travel and scribbled Google Maps results on index cards. It works, but has proven a frustrating method when I'm travelling in unknown territory with lots of interchanges to watch for. I had mentioned this to my dad this weekend after a particularly frustrating trip through Philly, and he confided that he and my mom were planning to get me one for my birthday this week. Nice! smile