I tend to subscribe to the views some others have expressed in reply, too. I think its a tricky thing to try to pigeonhole Satanism into a set of hard, fast rules. Granted, there are some, but those stem from the ideal of "do what works", I think.

In other words, to take your views on Golden Rule and run with it, for example, I use it. I generally try to treat others as I would like to be treated in return, but not without exception. If it stops working as a general rule with a certain person or group, then as a I general rule, I try to switch up my strategy. smile

And, really, that's how I choose to view anything, through a lens of utility. As best I can, anyway. Sometimes, hind sight being 20/20, I realize that I screwed up majorly and see where I could have done better. Then, I just try not to dwell on it too much, learn from it if there's a lesson that I find obvious, and drive on.

I do not find misanthropy very useful at all. Rather, I find it rather unimaginative, stifling, and even stunting. Every great person that I've ever met came out of "all of humanity", myself included. So, I liken misanthropy as a kind of blindness to any true agenda I might have in dealing with others. Namely, there are certainly qualities I might despise or appreciate among others, and that even depends on the context or situation. If I find that I tend to despise someone more often than appreciate them, then I try to sever ties with that person as best I can, if I can. Then, I find myself better armed to deal with the rest of "humanity", better able to detect those among it with whom I'd prefer dealings or not.