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What do you think the difference is between Satanists and everyone else?

Although I'm taking it slightly out of context here, a closing quote from Dr. LaVey's essay "Curses by the Dozen" comes to mind: "As Satanists, you are just a tiny step closer to honesty, a wee bit tougher in the will department, and slightly more sensitive as a barometer."

Rev. Bill_M this is an excellent answer. In fact the only thing I might want to add to it would be...

From Anton Szandor LaVey's foreword to The Devil's Notebook.

"I took up Satanism not out of desperation but out of logical dismay that there were so many short sighted pepole around me. I thought, acted, and thereupon found myself removed. And lo and behold I was a Satanist. A prideful outcast. If the "just" the "good" the "righteous" were exemplified by the cowering ones, I wanted no part of them.

My brand of Satanism is the ultimate conscious alternative to herd mentality and institutionalized thought. It is a studied and contrived set of principles and exercises designed to liberate individuals from a contagion of mindlessness that destroys innovation. I have termed my thought "Satanism" because it is most stimulating under that name."
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