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What do you think the difference is between Satanists and everyone else?

Everyone else hates each other

First, I have to say I strongly agree with everyone else's responses to this. While I'm fairly new to this study of Satinism, I am certainly not new to myself which identifies so perfectly well with everything I'm reading. To the point that I'm not really learning anything new so much as my discovery of someone (Anton LaVey) having put down on paper the truth about myself that has been my driving force for so long.

Second, brutal honesty I think is a strong trademark.

Third, hatred towards ALL mankind? I need to clear something up for myself here: I don't know all mankind. How do I hate people I have never met or read about or seen on TV? According to one estimate, the world population reached 7 billion near the end of last year. I can't possibly meet every single person on earth to even honestly know for myself if I hate them or not. What ever one might feel one way or another about all humanity I think requires stereotyping. Xtians stereotype all humanity in their doctrines. This makes me sick and has an insulting way of trying to strip me of my individulity. I can safely say I do not hate hardly any of humanity.

Now I have 2 questions:
1st: When you read on this Satinism, do you identify with it in a personal way or is it something you're trying to learn how to accept?
2nd: what is "new fangled feminism"?

It's just terminology I have never seen before.