Greetings and hello!

First of all... let me explain one thing in brief. I have hesitated for several years in applying as a registered member with the Church of Satan, as I haven't seen a need to. I have always been a satanist in the philosophical sense, it's essentially the way I was raised, though not in those terms. Values like "Question everything" "To the victor go the spoils" and "We make our own way in this world" are the mantras of my childhood, so reading the literature of the Church of Satan simply provided me with a much more eloquent and cohesive viewpoint from which to understand my own views on life.

Lately however, approaching the age of thirty, I find myself far less tolerant of the general milieu in this world, and would very much appreciate a solid sounding-board with which to enrich my understanding of a philosophy far better understood by those I would have the privilege of associating with, if nothing else, on the membership pages of this particular forum. Now, before we go "there" I have read and understood the Church of Satan's standpoint on affiliation in terms of it not being a social club or even a particularly "friendly" climate by nature... I'm not looking to make friends, simply to have access to the kinds of minds which I understand are drawn to your particular organization... and the snazzy red card wouldn't hurt. smile

Now, to my question. I understand that there are certain expectations in terms of lack of affiliation with other religious entities, and a year or so ago, I became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. I did so for practical reasons, as I'm now living in Nevada, where marriages happen to be a commodity in-and-of themselves. The church in question, if you're not familiar (which I doubt) is a non-denominational inter-faith organization who will ordain anyone with a pen or a keyboard. (Hunter S. Thompson was ordained by the ULC and often used his credentials as a "Doctor of divinity" to his own benefit)

Would it be necessary for me to renounce said affiliation prior to registration with the Church of Satan? Because at this point, I'd be more than willing to do so, as the career track of "Quickie wedding officiant" is only really a whimsical endeavor for me, where affiliation with The Church of Satan would hold much more substantial meaning for me.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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