I'm sure many long-time listeners will concur when I say this: I've seen RFS go through lots of ups and downs ever since it launched over a dozen years ago. I don't think "roller coaster" even begins to describe it. Some great DJs have come and gone, while some other shows that shouldn't have even been given a spot in the first place (and I'm not going to name them here in public) are thankfully gone and forgotten too.

I have a saved copy of the original schedule from August 2000. By that time, RFS had grown to 5 shows that were being sequentially aired in a continuous 32kbps stream that repeated itself every 6 hours. There was NO such thing as "Podcasting" at this time; the idea of being able to download an entire show in your home in less than 4 hours was almost unheard of. I'm pretty sure that not one single name from that list ended up staying with RFS later than 2005.

I've also saved some amusingly nasty emails from the original owner, deriding both myself and my show. I still think about reading these on the air at some point, maybe next year when The Devil's Mischief hits its tenth anniversary. wink

As for RFS today, I still see room for improvement, but again we've thankfully made through a number of past nightmares.

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Satanists of course have diverse tastes and the one thing that is for certain is that when we tune in we can find that desired taste.

I've said before that if there's one thing that the DJs have all had in common, it's creating the show that we ourselves want to hear but can't find anywhere. In that sense it's the opposite of what commercial radio is, which is playing purely what other people are supposedly wanting to hear. It's a very selfishly-driven labor of love for all of us on RFS. Paradoxically enough though, RFS has successfully brought in listeners.

It has stood the test of time and I am damn proud to be a part of it.

After seeing so many crappy and short-lived shows in the past on RFS, including ones from people who weren't even members, it pleases me greatly to see DJs who actually ARE Church of Satan members (which was kind of the point of the station in the first place) and who can keep up with churning out a great program.
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