Stay Down Here EP005 - Girls in Graves, Book Cartels, Fenris Wolf, Dirty Reader

Now in 1080p! Shot inside my office, it’s visually the most “vlog-like” episode yet, but I don’t take the easy way out... lots of additional graphics and effects. The transition videos are a little longer than normal, but the longest one tells you exactly what point to skip to if you don’t want to watch the saucy sword-swallower.

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Feel free to comment and make constructive critiques and (realistic) suggestions.

In the basement of the Black House, Anton Szandor LaVey created the total environment that he felt most at ease in: a seedy dive bar populated by the down and out. But those who populated it were literally his creations, as they were all meticulously crafted artificial humanoids.
In the back wall he had a backlit sign reading “Den of Iniquity”, and this new shirt is based on the lettering of that sign. This faux-souvenir lists the address of the former home of the Church of Satan beneath the logo. A subtle tribute to a man who created his own world.
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