This is quite a memorable essay you have brought up, Tier Instinct.

It is not necessary to rape, assault or verbally abuse.
I make women wet their pants.

When I was a teenager I was in fact "too nice." It took me a while to learn to take charge and "seal the deal." Since then I have almost always played the father role in all of my relationships -- even in instances when the girl has been older then me.

For me, I wouldn't say the "secret" has been a learned ability, but I will assert that I have had to learn what types of women I could be most successful with. Naturally, this goes back to the Balance Factor and knowing how to categorize oneself in Lesser Magic (sex, sentiment, wonder) and on the Synthesizer Clock. coopdevil
"The difference between the man or woman who's a practicing Satanist, from an identity Satanist is that the practicing Satanist looks at the picture, while the identity Satanist studies the frame."
-- Anton Szandor LaVey

"Anyone without a sense of humor is too pretentious to be a good magician."
-- Anton Szandor LaVey

Life Everlasting

World Without End