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Satanists are not everyone else.

Emphasis Old Pig's.

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... Satanism is not an universal religion but is solitary. ... Satanism is a selfish religion/philosophy. ... It also spits in the face of altruism!

Omissions mine.

I'm sure if I looked deeper, I could find many other great examples right here, just in the General Discussions forum. These two just happen to be my two recent and memorable favorites.

I'd also like to add that what makes Satanists "different than everyone else", other than the obvious point of rational self interest, is that the Church of Satan is also a Mutual Admiration Society.

That isn't to say that other mutual admiration societies don't exist. Mensa comes to mind, but Mensa isn't a church or religion in any usual sense of those words.

Satanists delight in their accomplishments, and when they do, they need not atone for it later. Instead, they revel, in company or alone. And, their God smiles upon them for it.