We all know we'll die someday.

That death is permanent.

Therefore, we live life to the fullest.

But a big part of our lives, are the other people in our lives that we love.

How are we to handle, respectively, the deaths of our parents, lovers, friends, and move on to be happy again?

Do you believe that one can lose a "soul mate" and find deep love again later in life?

How did you as a Satanist handle grief and "moving on"?

I've been lucky to not lose anyone close to me...I'm only 19, and my parents and brother are still alive, no grandparents have died while I've been able to remember, no friends dead.

But I worry about what I'd do if my fiancee were to die...how I would endure. I know I would, but, I don't know how yet...

Hence I'd appreciate views of fellow Satanists on the issue of how they handle the topic themselves.

My deepest condolences to all those that have loved and lost.