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How are we to handle, respectively, the deaths of our parents, lovers, friends, and move on to be happy again?

It's not something you can expect to do overnight. It takes time to readjust. I suppose that when you lose somebody you love, in some sense you'll never be 100% "over it" because of course you know that your world would be a better place with that person still here. But you certainly don't have to spend the rest of your life in misery. You can still certainly reach a point where you're not dwelling on the idea, and can move on.

Fortunately we live in a great age of technology where we can preserve great memories of people through photos, video, audio recordings, etc., and even share them with the world electronically. As a Satanist, I realize that it's much more significant to remember a person for what they did in this life, rather than have a funeral in some church conducted by some priest who never knew the person, trying to rationalize the loss with the idea that the person is "with God" or some other bullshit. I also know not to fall for the dispicable scam of having the dead being contacted by a channeler or what not.

I've actually found the 5 stages from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross to be pretty accurate in describing the different phases a person can go through, even if they might not go through all 5 individually.

Do you believe that one can lose a "soul mate" and find deep love again later in life?

Frankly I don't believe in the concept of "soul mates" in the first place. Most people can certainly find somebody they're really compatible with and want to stay with them indefinitely, but it has nothing to do with some silly spiritual notion of destiny. Besides, I've been in plenty of intense and/or long-term relationships, so I've already "found deep love again" without ever having been a widow.
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