So, as was stated in my introductory post, I came to Satanism around a year ago, after knowing of it far longer. My husband has been a practicing Satanist for fourteen years or more and has been a wonderful wealth of information as well as a patient teacher when I needed him to be. Now a question. After speaking at great length with me about it, my husband would like to do an initiation ritual for me.

Now before anyone says anything, he and I are BOTH well aware that these are not practiced and something that isn't typically done. However, seeing as a ritual is essentially a psychodrama intended for the person performing/doing the rituals own benefit, it seems appropriate to us in our current situation. I feel as though it would help center and focus me on my new path and he feels it would help distance me from my earlier searching and also be a great beginning to us practicing together as a couple. We have always been extremely intertwined with one another to almost a spooky degree.

So my question, is what would you lovely people suggest for this particular ritual?

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