My latest material enjoyment was my recent trip to Prague. I have been there 4 times and I never grow tired of the place. Apart from being absolutely stunning, Prague boasts the best and cheapest beer you can get in the Western world.

The Bohemian capital is also famous for its magical/occult past. Edward Kelley and John Dee worked a few years in Prague, trying to find the Philosopher's Stone. The Jewish Quarter (Josefov) is famous by being the place where Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel created the mythical Golem -- as romanticized by Gustav Meyrink.

Prague is my personal Mecca -- every now and then I need to visit the city by the Vltava. Every time I'm there I have a coffee at the Kavárna Slavia (Slavia Café), a Gambrinus in a hospodá (pub), a midnight stroll through Charles Bridge, svícková (beef and dumplings with double cream) in the Olympia restaurant and, finally, another pilsener at Letenské sady (Letná Park), on the top of the hill which overlooks the city.

Here is a photo from my last trip (the silhouette of the castle in Prague, viewed from Letná):