VASCA personnel,

I really enjoyed episode 21. I am new to VASCA and was wondering if you could tell me what the acronym stands for. I particularly enjoyed the review on The Cabin in the Woods, and like you said on air, I am now very much looking forward to watching this Lovecraftian film myself. I also enjoyed Citizen Prometheus' interpretation on office stratification. Finally I truly enjoyed all of the sample tracks that were played in episode 21. Also, I know it's a lot to ask, but is there any way that VASCA Radio could become available via iTunes podcasts? Last but not least, I just might try the old hand in the popcorn bag prank! Thanks Citizen Prometheus!

Hail Warlock Tier Instinct!
Hail Citizen Prometheus!
Hail Gyps Fulvus!
Hail Satan!
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