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When we lose a loved one, the last thing they'd want is for us to dwell, not move on, and only be saddened. They would instead want us to pick up and move on, but take their will for us to be strong and live a proper, responsible life.

Now this thought which my Fellow Citizen Mason Rust wrote is a very good advice for persons who are wrestling with enormous sadness. When you realize that the loved person who died wouldnīt want you to stop living.

Like I said earlier, I have buried one of my parents and didnīt even get change to say goodbye. I just got telephone call where they told that your parent is dead. Though it felt bad, and I was sad I realized that my parent had lived making it possible to me to live as well so I have to respect that present by living.

When I earlier said that we have to let the dying go, I met this. We should show to dying one that we can handle things and give them permission to go. When somebody is very seriously ill and dying it would only cost him or her more pain to attach them and try to keep them alive though they would be ready to go. We have to give our permission, show that everything is ok. and after the death respect the deceased by living our life fullest possible way.
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