How did I discover Satanism? Facebook

Someone shared "this is awkward"s photo.

It had a top and bottom part:
On the top part, it showed VP candidate Ryan quoted as saying something like- All my philosophies on capitolism and self improvement come from Ayn Rand's philosophies (paraphrased). Note identifies him as the VP candidate.
On the bottom part: It showed Anton Lavey and him saying something like- My philosohpy is alot of Ayn Rand's with rituals and religion (paraphrased). Then it identifies him as the founder of the Church of Satan.

This was about over a month ago. I'd never seen or heard of Anton Lavey or the Church of Satan before that but since I have a very personal and sincere resentment against xtians, I immediately started Google searching things. Found out who lavey was and all about the Satanic Bible and that it is readily available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon! Holy shit!

I read the SB in just a few short days. I didn't read books that well or that fast when I was in college.

The rest is recent history.