Well my old Nokia N8 was built quite robust and served me well over a decent span of time but after taking one too many drops to hard surfaces it finally became no longer functional last week so it was time to upgrade.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is in my opinion a masterpiece of design meeting functionality and the latest Android OS is simple and intuitive to navigate. I may sound as though I'm giving a sales pitch here but I really cannot fault this phone in any way at all.

I know most people don't get a hard on for sophisticated pieces of technology like I do and will probably look at it as a fancy telephone but when I see things such as this I see the future and we're living it. With more computing power than the early space program could have even dreamed about and what is practically the ability to access the sum total of information known to man in my pocket I am filled with a sense of wonder about what marvels of technology are yet to come in my lifetime and beyond.

This is the type of thing which reminds me why I love technology so.