Toilette paper.

I got it for 80 cents and it was glorious. I'm not kidding.

I live very spartan, as spartan as possible while still having a charming home. I'm not a big fan of kipple and clutter. For these reasons I own things like a Kindle (first generation) and no longer purchase things like DVDs or CDs (I acquire digital media and back it up carefully). I make exceptions for truly interesting things I simply can't obtain in my regular way.

My clothing comes from thrift stores, much of which I will have professionally altered. My clothing tends to last years and my boots are seemingly immortal. My furniture is either hand built or found, refinished and decorated. None of it is garbage. For instance my end table where I lounge is an occupied France wine barrel, which I found. My regular jacket, which I wear in the cooler seasons, originally retailed for nearly a grand and is mint (I got it for $5).

So while I do live very spartan I also make it interesting. But as a general rule I do not own things that I do not use.

So it could be said that my material enjoyment is an everyday shedding of burden, complication and kipple. I love it. I get the most enjoyment out of material possessions that are utilitarian and suit my frugal, conservationist, penny pinching nature.

"My dear Insurgent you're an extremist, intolerant and you have prejudices. That's all."

"I am a fucking Satanist and desire in all of my being to be the Queen of the World if at all possible...."