In Satan Speaks, Anton LaVey has a brief essay titled "A Plan", in which he discusses the appeal and aesthetics of Satanism in comparison to Jews and Nazism.

I here will express my thoughts on the essay, and then see thoughts on the topic from others.

(For those who haven't read the book, I strongly recommend it; The Doktor "goes wild" writing on a variety of stories and observations. Just got it in the mail this weekend.)

I see what he means that there is definitely Nazi/Fascist aesthetics in Satanism; the all-black, the lightning bolts, the use of Norse gods and symbolism.

Even in the philosophy, we share the "Let the strong rise and the weak starve" sort of mentality. It's highly debatable to what extent the Nazis actually practiced that Social Darwinism in their leadership, rather than cronyism but that's a story for another day; the IDEA was there anyway and practiced, albiet selectively.

And then there's a commonality between Jews and Satanists, that we are outcasts, aliens from Christian society.

The Jews are even made out to be an alien elite of sorts by many conspiracy theorists; controlling the world's banks, media, and government. Not "Alien Elite" in the Satanic sense, but still an alien elite of sorts for sure.

Many hereditary Jews, who don't practice their tribe's religion, are atheists and many are drawn to Satanism as a "stronger" alternative to "atheist humanist of Jewish descent"; they feel a need for a stronger religion more in tune with their true philosophy as they've always lived it.

LaVey himself was of Jewish descent if I'm not mistaken, right?

So I hadn't realized all that connection with Jews before reading the essay, and it really got me thinking.

I myself am not Jewish nor do I have a drop of Jewish blood in me to my best knowledge.

However, the majority of my best friends are Jewish!

I do live in a mid-sized New York city, so maybe it's just an issue of demographics, but I really think there is a natural Satanist/Jewish attitudial/philosophical connection I'm getting.

My said Jewish friends and I tend to agree on views of history, society, and politics quite often.

I find them generally much more agreeable to socialize with than old WASP establishment, and interior American Southern Baptist and other Christian sect people.

All my close friends are atheist or agnostic, and out of those a bit more than half are Jewish; either very liberal or outright atheist and embrace only the holidays and the ethnic identity.

All very interesting to consider, just thinking out loud here.

Anyone else see the same thing?

And then also, LaVey talks about an amalgam Zionist Odinist Bolshevick Nazi Imperialist Socialist Fascism; which can only be found and championed in the Church of Satan.

I get that he was being tongue-in-cheek with this phrasology, but I'm thinking he selected all those religious/political ideologies because they're taboo in the Western World nowadays, right? Especially the US. (Socialism is a lot more acceptable in Europe of course.)

Then is the philosophy of Satanism really a combination of Judaism and Nazism, taking selected parts from each...?

(Yes I do know of and support of course the Policy on Politics.)

Fascinating to think about...then of course it draws from other sources as LaVey codified it; various subversive Western authors, simple observation of society by LaVey himself.

Anyway what are your thoughts on the matter?