And then also, LaVey talks about an amalgam Zionist Odinist Bolshevick Nazi Imperialist Socialist Fascism; which can only be found and championed in the Church of Satan.

I get that he was being tongue-in-cheek with this phrasology, but I'm thinking he selected all those religious/political ideologies because they're taboo in the Western World nowadays, right? Especially the US. (Socialism is a lot more acceptable in Europe of course.)

Also, because they are, to external appearances, completely inconsistent with one another. Only a particular, idiosyncratic and visionary act of will could combine those things, and only a Satanist could live in the tension between them. The point is not that Satanism is that combination of views --- the point is that only Satanism can accommodate an individual who subscribes to that combination of views.

The point LaVey is making is about creative tension in the explosive union of irreconcilable forces. Satanism thrives on it. Blake called it an alchemical marriage of Heaven and Hell, and said, "Without contraries, there is no progression". As Whitman said,

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

What I'm saying is, Jewish Satanism is an excellent example of the kind of glorious perversity, poised on the knife's edge of incoherence, that Satanism celebrates and revels in. As an example, it's not meant to limit the forms that may be taken by other expressions of playful or experimental fusion of irreconcilable identities. For one person, it may be Judaism and Nazism; for another, the most fruitful contradictions might lie elsewhere.