Speaking from my own experience, I have a fiancee who loves my masculinity and good listening and speaking.

She's perfectly comfortable around me and can be herself completely, and I can get her very enthralled and aroused pretty easily.

Then with girls I'm just friends with, I can play a sort of "gay best friend" who isn't actually gay sort of role often, listening and giving advice.

None of them are attracted to me to my knowledge.

Along with this and the Synthesizer Clock, this just seems blatantly contradictory now in terms of attraction and seduction...I mean, is just EVERY straight woman attracted to a strong dominant man regardless of her clock position now??

I wasn't clear on that to be honest even when reading The Satanic Witch; 12 o'clock women need a big strong man, (hard to find one to fit them but those guys are out there) and then the 6 o'clock women also need big strong men to dominate them...

Does this mean all heterosexual men should be as masculine and strong as possible, to the limit of not being overbearing or violent towards women?