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...I mean, is just EVERY straight woman attracted to a strong dominant man regardless of her clock position now??

I wasn't clear on that to be honest even when reading The Satanic Witch; 12 o'clock women need a big strong man, (hard to find one to fit them but those guys are out there) and then the 6 o'clock women also need big strong men to dominate them...

Generally speaking, men are bigger than women and men are stronger than women. So saying all heterosexual women like big strong men is almost like saying all heterosexual women like men. There are of course little wimpy guys who still attract the ladies, but I guarantee you there is something about each of them that is distinctly masculine. Could be the jaw line, chest hair, deep voice, a fighter's spirit, etc.

The Personality Synthesizer Clock doesn't present ways of getting around heterosexual men's attraction to feminine traits or heterosexual women's attraction to masculine traits. It just fine tunes it.

So begin by emphasizing anything about yourself that's more masculine than most other guys around you. Deeper voice? Create lots of opportunities for yourself to speak where women can hear you. Taller? Create lots of opportunities for yourself to be standing with other men when women are around. These tricks will attract the attention of any heterosexual woman. And you can't do a damn thing until you've gotten her attention.

Then fine tune it.

I realize your post wasn't a plea for dating advice. I'm phrasing it this way to show how the Clock can be used to attract women of all clock positions *despite* every straight woman being attracted to strong dominant men.

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