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It seems to be saying that the real victims are people who've lost their innocence. I thought Satanism was about being intelligent and inquisitive. Innocence as perfection is a very Christian concept--Adam and Eve were perfect until they lost their innocence.

You seem to be taking this one word out of context and trying to relate it to Abrahamic mythology. The essay continues from that sentence to "The malcontents versus the satisfied. The ugly versus the beautiful. And the malcontent and the ugly were to become the official victims from which the scam of oppression would emerge and flourish. "You're not really happy -- you just think you are because your eyes haven't been opened to the way you've been used." "You're not really happy" became a command, not an analysis."

Being aware was god-like, which was why god didn't want them to eat of the tree of knowledge.

But this bogus playing of the victim card is NOT about any real awareness. It's about wanting attention and somebody else to blame for one's own short-comings. Bullshitting yourself with the attitude of "I'm oppressed by [insert scapegoat here]" when you're really not, is NOT "awareness". It's hypocritical self-deceit. Meanwhile there are some individuals who truly do become victims of something through no fault of their own (read: innocent) whether it's through the bad luck of circumstances or ironically being the scapegoat of somebody who plays the victim card.
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