I was raised Anglican because of Pascal's Wager but I started thinking about it and it didn't make logical sense. I started reading the Bible and it made even less sense. I lost my faith and found I didn't need it. The only good it did was circular: to escape it's own final end, that is hell.

A few years ago after I graduated from Ivy, I started reflecting on the injustices of the world. I was particularly upset about how multiculturalism excuses sexist practices in other cultures, saying, you know, "oh well that's their culture."

I mentioned it to a pen pal, an Australian Calvinist. He said that's because in this world might is still right. Women are weak and at the mercy of whatever men they find themselves around, all over the world, but much less so in the West due to freedom and chivalry. I was intrigued by the phrase might is right and randomly put the phrase into Amazon. I found my favorite read Might is Right Survival of the Fittest. You know how when you order a book Amazon suggests other books? Well they were all Satanic books. So I absorbed them and knew I had found my home.

That's the short of it.
High hopes faint on a warm hearth stone, she travels the fastest who travels alone.