Hello there. I've recently ordered a Cloisonne Baphomet Medallion. Well, sort of... And that's the issue. While checking out my order I was re-routed to the payment processing website (2checkout) and some complication occurred that left two orders that were placed (according to the emporium website).

Here's the breakdown:

-- www.2checkout.com apparently processed 1 payment of ~$42 for one medallion

-- My bank has deducted $42 from my account for ordering it but,

-- The emporium website states as having two INCOMPLETE orders of the same thing

Therefore, I have no way of knowing if the order went through and if I'm going to eventually receive my product. I've contacted 2checkout, the emporium website, and even PM'd Magister Frost. No one was helpful as of yet and I have not received a response from Magister Frost in over a week. Also, I wanted to get the black colored medallion and not the purple imperial color.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'd be happy to provide any further information.