I own a few copies of TSB but I am not satisfied with the physical quality of the cover or pages.

Under US copyright laws, it is legal to print your own copy of a book - for personal use - if you already own that book.

I think the original copy must be destroyed to be 100% legal.

I would like to hire a book binder to make a custom copy of TSB.

I want a very fine cover and the best paper available.

Money is no object.

I would like an additional copy (I own a few actual copies) made in the same quality of the mini Gideon's Bible. I like the durable cover and the high quality paper.

I would also like to purchase a copy for my smartphone.

The CoS has not produced these items, to my dismay, even though there is demand.

If this is totally illegal, I will take it upon myself to purchase high quality paper myself and write it out by hand and then have that bound.

These copies are for my own use and will not be sold.

Please enlighten me with your thoughts on my plans.