I am super excited for Halloween this year. I love candy but I also love seeing all the costumes and creativity of haunted houses. I know most Satanists celebrate Halloween year round but I love it when the fall comes and the air is cooler and more crisp. I myself have decided to attend what is considered the best haunted house in the midwest known as THE TOWER OF DOOM!!! Mwuahahaha! Here's a video of it:


I will also be going to a friends Halloween party and making a Witches Brew which is a punch. It's Vodka, Midori, Ginger Ale, and water which is optional.

So what will you my fellow reader, what will you be doing or dressing up as? jack jack jack

Satanism Demands study and not worship!


Avatar used with special permission from Reverend CoffinRust. www.coffinrust.com