Nothing in particular really. Both my forays into the world of Mr. LaVey's work were happened upon by mere coincidence.

The first, in high school, largely because I was rebellious (for a high-achiever, this meant less physical, and more mental types of action; such as purposefully avoiding the capitalization of the Abrahamic "God" in a class whose teacher was devoutly religious), so while it appealed to this attitude I had at the time, it had no resonance within my actual person.

The second time was earlier this year (approximately a decade later). As I had mentioned in my intro thread, I had a non-religious religious experience that altered how I perceived reality (as a connected whole of matter and energy, with no discernable purpose or direction) that involved Alan Moore's "Watchmen" and a concentrated frustration with my efforts in trying to find a religion (hint: I found nothing but myself in the universe and truly "lived in the moment" for several hours).

A couple months later, I was working full time nights and needed things to kill time (and keep me awake amid severe illness; staying up that late destroyed my immune system). Out of the blue, I decide to read The Satanic Bible (admittedly, a digital copy ill-gotten of the internet; but this is why I was working nights, I could barely pay the bills) and pretty much finished it in a single sitting.

This is when the resonance really came forwards. Even the parts regarding ritual and magic (something I could never understand it's place in other religion... I was looking at it as an intellectual, not trying to "experience it") which actually made sense, and gave me insight as to how I can read people through body language much easier than their words.

For several months after (until present) I have been largely uninterested in any sort of intellectual pursuit, but have begun striving to do more with my life ("career apathy" kicked in) and have begun reading again. I started with several religious texts I enjoyed a while back, but found them boring and useless. Picked up the SB again and was drawn right back into a world of insight and interesting ideas.

Ever since playing Doom II: Hell On Earth at the age of 8, I have found great resonance with all manner of satanic imagery, whether associated with the CoS or otherwise. The inverted pentagram, occurrences of patterns of "6's" and macabre themes have always drawn my interest.

All in all, I'd say I am incredibly inexperienced with Satanism from an academic perspective... and absolutely inexperienced with it in an applied sense with my life. A lot of the basic framework strikes home true, but I have a lot of personal and psychological hangups that prevent me from really grabbing life by the balls and indulging without compulsion (excessive eating is a big problem for me). That, and I have a complex that makes me paranoid about what others are thinking about me leftover from childhood bullying, causing self-image issues, yada yada yada.

My hope is that the honourable LaVey's work, and that of his respected allies, will help me overcome my hangups, so I can start enjoying life completely free.