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I regret not pursuing my original passion in physics and astronomy.

It's never too late to learn, I say. You don't necessarily need a degree in a topic to pursue it.

I discovered LaVeyan Satanism in high school, but gave it no real consideration.

As somebody here already mentioned, the term "LaVeyan Satanism" is rather redundant. There's no evidence of an actual organized religion called "Satanism" with practitioners calling themselves "Satanists" that existed before the establishment of the Church of Satan in 1966. So we've got dibs on the name, "Satanism". There's already a different term for people who believe in Satan as an actual deity of worship: devil worshipers.

Earlier this year I had what could be considered a "religious experience" (but I'm not religious, so it was merely an awe-inspiring contemplation of the universe and my utter insignificance).

Well that's what most "religious experiences" consist of anyway, right?

I find the idea of labeling myself a "Satanist", or anything at all, even "atheist" really sevres no purpose but to allow people to judge me based on their preconceptions before getting to know me.

No doubt that in reading The Satanic Bible, you came across the lines "Satanists often encounter scoffers who maintain that labels are not necessary", and "Satanism uses many labels. If it were not for names, very few of us would understand anything in life, much less attach any significance to it".

I call myself both a "Satanist" and an "atheist" for the same reason I call myself "male" and "brown-eyed": because I fit the definitions. There's also really no way to avoid "judgement", since people are invariably going to draw some conclusions when they're given any information at all. Personally, I do judge those who seem to have a compulsion for denying any and all labels. wink
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