@Bill: Good to know. I pride myself on being educated, and being able to concisely and clearly tell or teach things to others. Especially with regards to what I believe. Your input is much appreciated.

Also, another point I forgot to respond to of yours regarding my education. I am actually planning on going back to university at some point in the next couple years to actually pursue my original goal and passion. Unfortunately, I have been out of that field for several years now (the last course I took that any semblance of math in it was in 2006) so I am going to have to, basically, relearn high school math, physics and chemistry, so I am not completely lost when I do register and begin courses.

Looking at basic algebra problems these days, and I am almost at a loss beyond basic order of operations. It is a sad state of affairs, but without any effort, I cannot complain about where I am in life.