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Hello Quaark, Janina, Nemo and Bill!

@ Janina & Bill regarding redundancy: I was not aware of this. I only used the term as I had not looked into what was described on Wikipedia as "Theistic Satanism" and the other "heretical" schools that stemmed from LaVey's original. I just assumed there were other types, heh. Surprising, that despite having a degree in the field, I know so little about this religion.

I have read the article from Wikipedia myself, but noticed some mistakes in it. First of all, Satanists do not share Satanism to theistic- and atheistic forms of Satanism. Like Reverend told so called theistic views are Devil Worship, not Satanism.

When we talk about Devil Worship there is a reason to remember that they are actually Christian heretics who decided to worship their devil instead of god. We Satanists do not believe in actual god or devil as separate entity. We reject the whole spirituality and concentrate to carnal side of being. For that reason we do not acknowledge these spiritual dreams as Satanism. They are just guys who want to adopt the label for their own purposes.

The reason I took this up was the same reason Reverend Bill M. already mentioned. These false terms come up from time to time cause many persons has got false information from these heretics, whom our Church do not acknowledge as part of our religion!
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