First off, welcome to the boards. I was going to say that in your intro post but wanted to respond to this.

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Out of the blue, I decide to read The Satanic Bible (admittedly, a digital copy ill-gotten of the internet; but this is why I was working nights, I could barely pay the bills) and pretty much finished it in a single sitting.

If that ill-gotten copy is still the only one in your possession then you are ripping off whomever owns the copyright (Blanche Barton?) It is not an expensive book, and from what you've written it sounds like it's had enough of an impact on your life to justify the purchase, even if a year from now you decide this just isn't for you.

Perhaps you've already made the purchase. If so, and if it's the only one of the canon you own, I'd recommend The Church of Satan next. It's an excellent introductory book.