So, I was approached by a Christian,... (oh my, the "C" word came out. Now explanations are in order: Born and raised Christian, it took decades of self struggle to grasp and understand "my" religion and how it affected life. From childhood until teen years, it really didn't make sense; this whole God and Jesus and Holy Spirit thing. Also, mental trouble brewed hot when teen pastor explained that masturbation was a thing not to be done. Carnal pleasures trumped sanctity; there was much explaining to God in the future! From the age of 18 to present, I never stepped foot into a church to worship again. Yes, conflicting issues, painstakingly implanted into ones psyche, with determined effort and scheming, capable of warping the sanest of beings, tore at everyday living. Going through torturous mental battles of self; phases of anger, resentment, questioning, self castigation- Finally, after years of confusion-and reading the Satanic Bible- Clarity. Not by any means certainty, that would be far too presumptuous, but knowing now that Atheist is "the correct answer" brought a levity of giddy proportions. I stopped arguing with theists, much like one goes to an insane asylum and tries to talk reason to those inside. The common Thiest needs proper medical help and assistance; their leaders, should be treated differently. Were I made king, Judeo Christian (the most dangerous of the lot) believers and the leaders of the flock with 50 or less followers, would go through medical counseling until healed... I know, unrealistic, but so is me becoming king! smile ... )

...So, back to the Christian guy... He says, "What will you say when you stand before God?"... Being of playful mind, trying to be as serious as possible, I say, "My Judgement would be done in a private room with no witnesses because I would ask questions that would make others protest, as well! Such as, why I was being forced to worship a tyrant... ((He protests that God gave us choice, Son died for us, we do have free will, yada yada))... Of course he is a tyrant! I was not given free will to choose. Free will to choose would have entailed allowing me, at God's determined age of accountability, to be put in a garden with a tree, a serpent and an apple, and given the choice of tasting the forbidden fruit. ((more protest)) Yes, if I pass the test and don't partake in the forbidden fruit, I would be allowed to live life in eternal ignorant bliss. One bite, however, and off to hell on earth! Surely this can be a simple task for one as Grand and Majestic! ...Isnt MY SOUL, the thing that is at stake here, MY SOUL, worth at least that much from the Being who created it??? So you are telling me the Creator of Life, the Universe, and Everything (not the author D. Adams) cannot provide such a scenario? would that not be the most fair? As I stand there before God, He is going to start making the same excuses you are???" I left with a final, "Doesn't seem like an Intelligent Design to me"...

but things are grand! He offered to pray for me! yay!

Having read most of Mr. LaVeys books, It is as if he wrote them specifically for me; For which I am grateful for the rest of my breathing days on this planet.
Satan said it, I believe it, that settles it!