Greetings all.

I would like to give you all a short introduction. My name is Adam and I am currently living in California. At the time that I am typing this, I am 32 years old.

My first reading of the Satanic Bible and exposure to the Church of Satan was while I was in High School. During that time, my parents had found out that I was reading about Satanism and nothing that I could say at the time could convince them that Satanism was not what they were brainwashed into thinking it was. This was before the time of the internet, so I had only that black clad book to refer back to. So my studies of Satanism was put on hold. Since then I had discovered and gotten into the "neo-pagan" movement (if one could call it such). I went from studying wicca, druidry, etc. Nothing quite fit me as well as Satanism did when i was in High School. The drama and utter bullshit in the greater "pagan" community reminds me of a carbon copy of the xian "faith". I'm done with all of that melodrama. EVERYTHING in the Satanic Bible, to me is like a mirror. I AM the Satanic Bible in a weird sort of way (if you get my meaning).

So, here I am again. Recognizing myself as a Satanist! I do have one stumbling block though. I cannot fully consider myself an atheist. As far as "god" is concerned, I recognize myself as a Pantheist and "Itheist" ( as some other Satanist,including Magister Gilmore identify themselves as).

With this said, what are your views and the views of the Church of Satan itself on Pantheism? Would a Pantheist/Itheist/Satanist be welcomed into the Church of Satan after all these years.

Cheers to you all!
Hail Satan!