I love spending my fall and particularly halloween here in massachusetts. The air is cool. The leaves are beautiful. And while I am still very fond of our famous New England winters, this really is the best part of the year in my book.

As for what I will be doing this year, me and the family are planing to go trick or treating the night before. Then throwing ourselves a big party on Halloween night, with me and the little miss sneaking out to salem for a few drinks later on.

This will be a very big indulgance for me as I have been out working alot this year, trying to save up for my first house and we have not been able to spend a holiday together for quite some time.

This year most of my littler ones are going as Monster high dolls While my youngest says he wants to be a cop "with a real gun for shooting bad guys" crazy. Im not shure what the older ones have planed costume wise but they are definitely coming out to trick or treat and party with the rest of us.

As for myself I will be going as Death.

Waya, many moons ago, I had a job working inside a haunted house. It was awsome! Next to the lifeguard gig, It was probably the best job I had growing up.

CHW, I let one of my daughters borrow one of my old uniforms a few years back and although she was practicly swimming in the thing, it worked out just fine. She totally brought home tons of candy!
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