So thrilled to have found this forum. Looking forward to becoming an active member.
In short, I have always felt called to all things left/dark. I remember as a small child (who was raised in a VERY strict catholic home) scribbeling and drawing Satanic things and loving monsters and horror movies, etc. I tried to hide that aspect of myself but it always came back up. I tried the fundamentalist Xtian path for a while. It isn't who I am. It was actually having my own child that compelled me to leave the church. I couldn't subject them to the horrors and abuses I was subject to growing up. They need to decide for themselves. As in that I saw...hey, so do I!! So I did. I am, by nature, Satanic. Self denial seems like a waste of time. It's been a little over 5 years since I left the church and a few more years than that that I was inactive. They said my life would take a turn for the worse if I left. In that case I hope to fall even farther...never been happier!
Thank you for holding a place for people to come together and discuss. I know of noone like minded in my day to day life and this should help fill that need to a degree.