Most of the time, but not really. I am just disgusted (on the inside) by how the earthlings are acting and what they are destroying.

Howdy, I'm Sabastian. Born in an all white community in S.E. Texas, raised to respect my superiors (parents especially), enjoyed a good life full of more than enough (like a pool in the back yard), and spent most all youth years involved with the Methodist. Although, as we grew up, along with other teenagers, we acted like teenagers. LSS. Dad has passed, wife has gone her separate way, the kids are grown, and I am a Senior in college. LaVey, in what I have read so far, seemed very well educated. I appreciate that quality. At this time in my life, I want to exercise the freedom of silence. Too many people ask too many questions, when they need to repair their own lives first b/4 worrying a/b others. Yes? Ahhh, shit, here I go. Pissed. OK, OK, OK. Whew. That was close. Next. I like the idea of "admiring" man, since he is the only one capable of hands-on construction of life. Later.