Episode #22 V.A.S.C.A Radio was indeed exciting to hear from the first word to the last.
The two tracts aired one from FXT'S Sacapegoat album, Slaughterhousde Records label and Warlock Tier Instinct's one track aired, both were stunning and makes the listener want more.
We will soon be able to purchase both albums. Alas, for me soon is not soon enough.
In the meantime, I am going to tune in on every V.A.S.C.A. Radio episode.
V.A.S.C.A. Radio, nothing else like it! HS.!
"So entire is my faith in the power of words, that, at times, I have believed it possible to embody even the evanescence of fancies such as I have attempted to describe."
Edgar Allen Poe.