Hello, here is my introduction. Read & enjoy:
My name is Cody, I chose the username Gwymplaine from the Hugo novel "L'Homme qui Rit" or "The Laughing Man".
I am 23 & have been a Satanist (well, nominally) since I was around 15 or sixteen.
For several years, I did not live up to the principles of Satanism & subsequently allowed myself to get caught up in the bs and misery of mediocrity. However, after once again reading "The Satanic Bible" I awoke to the self-deceit I had imposed upon myself, & began adopting those truly powerful and life-altering teachings to my daily life with most satisfactory results.
What else is there? I studied modern languages in university, & speak both French and German fluently. My intentions are to one day become an interpretor for internationally based businesses. I enjoy literature & devote the majority of my free time to reading & studies.
I am seriously considering joining the Church of Satan. In fact I have rather made up my mind that I shall. I am a traditionalist, why would I not join the original oranization devouted to the LHP?
Thank you, that is all.
Hail Satan