In my initial introduction, found here, I stumbled on really explaining my "theistic" (or rather lack there of) views by trying to label them as Pantheistic. Now, I don't really know if that term actually fits how I feel. SO, here are the basics of my views. I am not preaching, just clearing things up.

Humans create their Gods. "God" is the manifestation of energies, which is why ancient gods represented specific attributes (i.e Mother Goddess, God of the hunt, God of the harvest, etc.). Thus, “god” is a metaphor. The Christian God is just as made up as it's pagan counterparts. As much as theists would hate to admit it, there is no man in the clouds, no all knowing anthropomorphic being. We as humans are also our own gods. We have just as much power as any religious deity. We have the power to bring life into this world as well as take it. We have the ability to heal the sick, feed to hungry and clothe the poor.

My "god" (and that term is used loosely) is Nature! Both internal and external. Both “human nature” and “mother nature”. It is in all things, it represents all things. Humans are visual animals. We need focal images of said gods in order to better understand them, thus the gods of old took on visual aspects of the energies and attributes they represent. Pan for example, is the Greek god of shepherds and flocks, nature, mans carnal nature and fertility. He is generally seen in imagery as half man, half goat. He has the legs, hooves and horns of a goat, the torso and head/face of a man and sometimes an erect penis. Other gods of old, from different cultures share these attributes yet are known by different names.

This is just a BRIEF explanation of my view of "God". Take it for what it's worth and study for yourself. Knowledge is power and Nature is all powerful!

Hail Nature, Hail Thyself