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As an Officer of the court, I see on a daily basis "In God We Trust" and in some courtroom entrances, The 10 Commandments.

As a Satanist, I honestly couldn't careless. My job is to make sure bad people go to bad places. I am curious as to what my fellow Church of Satan members think or feel about the above mentioned "Phrases" displayed in public
courthouses. My opinion on the matter, I couldn't careless. I feel hey, "Whatever floats your boat"

I'm not a nihilist. I see consequences to the things we endorse in our legal and political institutions. Those phrases aren't there for the shits-and-giggles of pious folks. They exist to create an expressly stated tie between a specific religious system and the US government. This is historical fact.

It is a crack that exists to become a potential hole.

The latter day notion that "God" is used "generally" is used by two camps of people. (1.) Christians that want to treat us in a two faced manner, by first of all saying it's general but then turning right around and saying it's actually Jesus. (2.) Lazy social commentators that sure do reap the benefits of energetic heretics but sure don't like to be made to feel inadequate or useless towards his own freedom.

Not being a nihilist, I see cracks as potential holes. I can't stress that viewpoint enough.

I challenge anyone to debate that the Religious Right does not use these supposedly "meaningless" gestures as a political spring-board. They gain credibility for every plaque that's tacked up, every motto that's perverted. That gives political power to our enemies to say "Well, see here, this right here, well that says we're a Christian nation." That gives validity to otherwise lost causes and creates political turmoil where none need exist.

I think a lot of nihilists have been sitting pretty for long enough that they don't really get the cost of giving Christianity an inch. Endorsing the concept that US Federal Law is based on the ten commandments is a historical error that gives more than an inch, it gives an entire autobahn of leeway to completely distort US historical reality.

The goal here is to destroy these sacred lies at the root. That should sound familiar.

Though of course we all have our ways in which we contribute to the secularization of our respective homelands. I think we ought to be supportive of atheists that rail against these kinds of things, if not rail against them ourselves.

But that's my point of view alone.

"My dear Insurgent you're an extremist, intolerant and you have prejudices. That's all."

"I am a fucking Satanist and desire in all of my being to be the Queen of the World if at all possible...."