The "vs" there does not necessarily refer to outright conflict, though it sometimes may. It refers to the internal, mental conflict and reconciliation between being a Satanist, and living in a society which is not Satanic.

Now, I find it safe to say that we Satanists all see ourselves as Satanists before any sort of racial or national identity.

Even if one takes pride in one's national history, language, culture, which some do more than others, Satanism comes before any of that.

This isn't pride in the same sense of individual achievement pride; it is a different sort of "pride", a natural or collective sort, one which I will only respect someone expressing if they also possess individual achievement pride.

Anyway, we are individuals, then Satanists. Satanism describes that individual, but we would each be our own selves regardless of whether or not Satanism existed and we knew of it. (I know, I don't like using "we" so much to speak for others, but I find it safe here, and unavoidable, correct me if I'm wrong.)

Satanism describes our world-view, our drive in life, our sense of justice. Satanists as individuals have VERY different conclusions on politics, entertainment tastes, and professions, but are definitely all Satanists, joined in their un-joining.

But now, before you realized you were a Satanist, and embraced that title by name, you grew up in a society in which the vast majority of people are not Satanists.

The dominant religion was something else, however much people did or didn't really believe in it, or it was a society with mostly secular people.

Either way, religious or Secular Humanist, they were not Satanists, and the society on the whole was "herd"; collectivist, pridefully ignorant, guilt-ridden-yet-brash.

And yet, you learned the language of that culture, read some books in it, lived in a dwelling in it, likely went to school there, worked there later.

Surely, that culture must also inform you, and you may prefer it over some other cultures, and prefer some cultures or countries over it?

For example, I live in the US, in New York State, and I like how generally secular my area is, how much personal privacy I generally have, how clean the streets are in my neighborhood, the museums and some of the television shows and some of the architecture. The scientific and business success here.

Even if it's not a Satanic nation or city or culture per se, it has many features which I LIKE, I like to live here, overall, and I feel a sense of pride in the United States and all our great technological and medical achievements, and stability and human freedom. (The stability and freedom being relative, obviously.)

In a Muslim or Communist country I wouldn't have what I have here.

I am an American, and a Westerner. Those identities are in a hierarchy below Satanism, but there.

I like a lot of holidays here too, forgot to mention that; Halloween most of all, Christmas and Thanksgiving too, the good parts of those anyway. The food and smells and the decorations that are well done (most suck)and some of the music when I'm not tired of it.

Anyway, I can Satanically look at the culture around me, and see many things in it I like, and can read about the history of this country and culture and find I like it and am proud of it, overall. (Fucktons to criticize too, obviously.)

What is your attitude towards your "host culture"?

Are you proud of it?

Do you hate it and want to leave as soon as possible, did you leave where you were born and grew up as soon as possible?

Is it just meaningless to you?

Curious to see the perspective of other Satanists, and again, I didn't mean to be presumptuous above, please correct me if I'm wrong at all.

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