I am not quite sure this is a question of ethics. As Hagen von Tronje already pointed out, the technology would become just another method of contention between groups (the Have's, Have-not's and the Don't-want's), and I think it should be implied that it probably would never be universal.

As a Satanist, would I choose to become biologically immortal (despite it's likely impossibility given the decompositional nature of organic material)? Doubtful, to be very honest. Eternity is a very long time, and as a biological system, my capacity would likely be reached at some point (the brain contains a limited number of neurons for example, so memory would be limited).

Certainly, I would wish to have my life extended to a significantly long period (a thousand years seems like a good, round number), but to exist infinitely? I could not even fathom such a concept. It would mean I would outlive the Earth, the solar system, and even the universe (assuming it has an "end").

I think a better, more condensed version of this topic, revolving possibly around the ethics of medical technology (such as stem cell research) extending human life, reliably, another 50 or 100 years would be much easier to explore and discuss. However, if we are all learned individuals, we already know the major player's position on these issues.