Although I have had a (very general) knowledge of Satanism (mostly what it ISN'T) for the majority of my adult life, here in the past months it has truly 'clicked' on more than one level for me, as well as answered and 'made sense' many of my thought processes and 'beliefs' (if you will).

I guess 'today' is my perverbial day of awakening (or whatever you want to call it) Its all but amazing to see all of the correlations between my fundamental thought processes, practices and nuiances of how I live, and Satanism as presented by Dr. Lavey.

I really dont want to blow my wad and share all of my 'ah-hahs' that have begun to make sense after taking the time to read and understand further. (especially in my first post)
But know that while it is pseudo mindblowing, it is a sense of relief as well to know that someone else (and many others) made sense of it and communicated it long before it clicked in my existence.

I look forward to sharing more myself as well as learning from the others who have had this 'awakening' before me.
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